Seraya, Indonesia


Seraya Island is a small private island off Labuanbajo, in Southern Flores, Indonesia.

There is a single resort on the island with about ten huts. EDIT: I have been told that at November 2014, the resort (and effectively, the island) is closed.  Try Kanawa, instead.
Indo_Seraya_003 Indo_Seraya_004_P1090540
All images on this site are clickable for bigger versions.

Here are a few ‘best-of’ snaps taken off the main beach where all the huts are. I think the photos speak for themselves.

Indo_Seraya_005 Indo_Seraya_006 Indo_Seraya_007 Indo_Seraya_009 Indo_Seraya_011 Indo_Seraya_014 Indo_Seraya_016 Indo_Seraya_018 Indo_Seraya_019 Indo_Seraya_054 Indo_Seraya_055 Indo_Seraya_056 Indo_Seraya_057 Indo_Seraya_058 Indo_Seraya_065 Indo_Seraya_066

Access to the water is easy – just walk off the sandy beach.


Apparently, there is reasonable snorkelling all around the island, although I didn’t check-out any other spots, myself.




I went in July 2011.  Prices at that time were:

Low season (~April-June) Singles: 160 000 INR / Doubles: 200 000 INR
High season(July-~Sept) Singles: 180 000 INR / Doubles: 240 000 INR
(edit– there are up to date prices on page 3 of the website)
Prices include boat transfers but not food and drink. The restaurant is a little expensive, but you are a captive market.

Facilities are basic. There is no freshwater on the island and it has to be brought over by boat.  There is brackish running water in the bathrooms when the generator is on (evenings). In the daytime, you have to run down to the sea to fill a bucket of water for flushing the toilet.

Booking is through the Gardena Hotel in Labuanbajo main street. tel+62 385 41258 mob +62 81339 495244/360600
Boats leave at 11am and there’s a 2 night minimum stay.

There is another private island nearby, Kanawa Island.  It is said to have similar snorkelling and is more expensive.   I didn’t go there.


The venerable Tezza has information on both islands.


Written: Aug 2011     Last updated: Nov 2014


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