Apo Island, Near Negros Island, Philippines


Apo Island is a small island 6km off the South East coast of Negros Island in the central Philippines. Not to be confused with Apo Reef which is 30km West of Mindoro.

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Phils_ApoIsland_100_SE_ P1061012.JPG Phils_ApoIsland_101_SE_ P1061015.JPG Phils_ApoIsland_103_SE_ P1061016.JPG



I came on a diving trip to the South East of Apo Island, near/in the Marine Sanctuary.

The diving was sweet, but my camera doesn’t go beyond 10 meters, so these shots are from a quick twenty minute surface snorkel that I did between dives at lunchtime. This was in the same area.

Visibility near the surface was poor and what I remember was that most of it was like this:
Phils_ApoIsland_104_SE_ P1061019.JPG


However, I also have these snaps, which make things look far more tasty:
Phils_ApoIsland_105_SE_ P1061017.JPG Phils_ApoIsland_106_SE_ P1061018.JPG Phils_ApoIsland_107_SE_ P1061021.JPG Phils_ApoIsland_108_SE_ P1061024.JPG Phils_ApoIsland_109_SE_ P1061025.JPG


I can’t tell you much more than that, I’m afraid.  These pictures were taken a good distance from shore (~180m) in about 4 metres of water. There’s not much boat traffic around, so you should be pretty safe, propeller-wise.




There are two tourist resorts on Apo Island.  Apparently you can also stay in homestays in the village from about 500PHP (which I discovered too late!).

Apparently, there is no public boat to Apo Island.  You could try and hitch a ride on a dive-boat from Dumaguete, otherwise you are stuck with the expense of a private charter.  I did see one map mentioning a ferry route from Malatapay, but I don’t know whether it is valid.


I came on a dive trip from Dumaguete on Negros island.  That cost 3000PHP for the 2 boat-dives. The operator was Howard’s backpackers who seem to be well in-control of the backpacker-tourist market there.

Written: Feb 2012  . . . . . . . .         Last updated: Feb 2012




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