Siquijor Island, Negros, Philippines


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Siquijor Island is a mid-sized island, off South East Negros in the central Philippines.  It is pronounced “sikki-hor”.

I came here for a few days in January.

The entire coastline is about 70km long. It would take a year to do a full survey of all possible snorkel spots! Reports from previous visitors suggested that there are only two locations worth snorkelling – marked A and C on the map.  I looked at these two places, but didn’t investigate anywhere else.

There is no public transport in Siquijor. I rented a motorbike from a private house in the main town, Siquijor Town, for 300PHP per day.  There are several places at the jetty renting out motorbikes for a slightly higher price.


Area A – Sandugan

Sandugan is a beachy area in the far North East of the island.  There are a few tourist resorts there, including one dive resort – Kiwi Dive Resort.
Phils_Siquijor_010_A_P1211031.JPG Phils_Siquijor_012_A_P1211051.JPG


Apparently, the best snorkelling on Siquijor is on the reef outside Kiwi Dive resort.  I looked at this area and also covered the stretch running about 300m South of it (towards the other resorts).

Underwater visibility was a disappointing 3-4 metres. My impression was that the coral was reasonably good, but it was nothing compared with Moalboal.
Phils_Siquijor_013_A_P1211039.JPG Phils_Siquijor_014_A_P1211034.JPG Phils_Siquijor_017_A_P1211035.JPG Phils_Siquijor_019_A_P1211036.JPG Phils_Siquijor_020_A_P1211037.JPG Phils_Siquijor_021_A_P1211041.JPG Phils_Siquijor_024_A_P1211066.JPG Phils_Siquijor_026_A_P1211062.JPG Phils_Siquijor_027_A_P1211067.JPG Phils_Siquijor_028_A_P1211038.JPG Phils_Siquijor_029_A_P1211053.JPG Phils_Siquijor_030_A_P1211061.JPG
Looking back at the pictures now, it looks better than I remembered it.  If you are on Siquijor – this area is the first one to look at. .


Area B – Marine Park Area

I wasn’t aware that this spot existed when I visited, but I subsequently saw a map showing Area B as one of three possible snorkelling/diving locations on Siquijor.

I didn’t get in the water here, so I can’t tell you anything about it.   Here is a random surface-shot from the general area.
It doesn’t look too promising!  Do let me know what you find underwater there


Continuing around the island road, there were a few pleasant, lush scenes:


Here’s a snap of touristic Salag-doong Beach, near the town of Maria on the East coast.
They have a water-slide cemented into the cliff!

One travel book says that divers sometimes spot Mantas out from here.


There were some pretty waterfalls near the town of Lazi.
Phils_Siquijor_045_X_P1221101 Waterfalls.JPG Phils_Siquijor_046_X_P1221114.JPG



Area C – Royal Cliff Resort, near San Juan

The other place reputedly worth snorkelling is outside Royal Cliff Resort on the South West coast.   Previous reports suggested that the reef is rather deep for snorkelers.   I can confirm this.

The snorkel area itself is clearly marked-out with buoys.  It was low tide when I was there and although there are some corals and rocky crevices worth looking at, they all start at 6+ metres depth.  Surface snorkelers probably wouldn’t have much fun here.

Here are my snaps:
Phils_Siquijor_051_c_P1221123.JPG Phils_Siquijor_055_c_P1221127.JPG Phils_Siquijor_058_c_P1221129.JPG Phils_Siquijor_059_c_P1221130.JPG Phils_Siquijor_061_c_P1221131.JPG


Generally, I wasn’t hugely impressed with the snorkelling at Siquijor, but my short trip to the island was a pleasant diversion all the same.



As a card-carrying cheapskate, I stayed at the cheapest joint I could find – ‘Little Backpackers’ in Larena. Luxury it ain’t, but the owner is friendly and you can’t fault the price (200PHP for a dorm).  It sits on stilts over a paddy-field. There were plenty of mozzies around (and no nets supplied), but I found that sleeping under a sarong kept the critters at bay.

There was a good map of the island posted on the wall:

The ferry from Dumaguete to Siquijor town was 150 PHP each way.

Written: Feb 2012   . . . . . . . . . .          Last updated: Feb 2012


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