Ko Pha Ngan, Thailand

Ko Pha Ngan is the middle one of the Southern Gulf Islands in Thailand. It is famous for the full-moon parties in Haat Rin at the South of the  Island.


The accepted wisdom is that the snorkelling is best on the far North West corner, especially around little Ko Maa, connected to Mae Haad by a 100m long sand spit.

Thai_PhaNgan_TEMP_004_P5314689.JPG Thai_PhaNgan_TEMP_003_P5304686_squared.jpg
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I came here at the start of June – theoretically in the middle of the dry season.  However there were strong Westerly winds for the whole two weeks and the underwater visibility was a heap of crap.

Here are some photos, taken mostly around Ko Maa and Ao Mae Haat; but also in Haat Salad and Haat Thian – all in the North West corner of the island.

Thai_PhaNgan_TEMP_005_P5294488.JPG Thai_PhaNgan_TEMP_006_P5294481.JPG Thai_PhaNgan_TEMP_007_P5294493.JPG Thai_PhaNgan_TEMP_008_P5314756.JPG



With visibility like this there’s nothing to do but take close-ups.

Thai_PhaNgan_TEMP_009_P5294513_.jpg Thai_PhaNgan_TEMP_010_P5304575.JPG Thai_PhaNgan_TEMP_011_P5294479.JPG Thai_PhaNgan_TEMP_012_P5314824.JPG Thai_PhaNgan_TEMP_013_P5304583.JPG
For species names, see the specieslist.


Corals, anemones, sponges:
Thai_PhaNgan_TEMP_014_P5304630_.jpg Thai_PhaNgan_TEMP_015_P5294486_.jpg Thai_PhaNgan_TEMP_016_P5294555.JPG Thai_PhaNgan_TEMP_017_P5304595_.jpg Thai_PhaNgan_TEMP_018_P5304672.JPG Thai_PhaNgan_TEMP_019_P5314812.JPG Thai_PhaNgan_TEMP_020_P6034895.JPG Thai_PhaNgan_TEMP_021_P5294537_.jpg


I guess I’ll have to come back and give it another shot sometime.


Written: August 2012        Last updated:  August 2012


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