Scared about sharks

Scared about sharks ?

I like sharks – they are beautiful and sleek.   I try to seek them out. On this site, I refer to them in positive terms. If I get to see one up close – that’s a good thing.

There are about 440 different species of shark, all of them different in appearance and character. Less than ten of these species pose any threat to humans. The few dangerous types generally live out in the deep ocean, not close to land.

All of the places I cover on this site are close to land-masses and any sharks you find here will be harmless reef-sharks.  These won’t hurt you because (1) they’re small (usually less than 1.3 metres) and you are big; (2) they are scared that you might be better at hurting them than they are at hurting you.

Usually if you see a reef shark, it will be flashing past your eyes as it sprints away from your obese flapping.   Occasionally, you will get an inquisitive one that approaches you and circles around you at a distance of about 5 metres, then swims off into the distance, uninterested. About five times in my snorkelling life, one has come up and circled me at a range of about 2 metres before swimming off.  This is the closest that a reef shark is likely to get to you.  Don’t worry about it.


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  1. Totally agree!

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