Dive site maps

This is just a dump of maps of dive sites I’ve picked up around the place.  Credit to the respective dive shops that produced them.

Do a text search {Edit> Find (on this page)…..} to see if the one you want is on here.

India – Andaman Islands
(from Andaman Bubbles diveshop, Havelock Island)

Thailand- Koh Lipe
(from Forra Diving on Sunrise Beach, IIRC)

From Satun Dive:


Thailand- Koh Mook
(from the diveshop/travel agent around point 11 on the map)

Malaysia – Pulau Kapas
(from Aquasport diveshop)

Malaysia – Pulau Perhentian
(from Bubu divers)
DivesiteMaps_Malaysia-Perhentians-by-Bubu -divers.jpg

Eastern Malaysia – Tun Sakaran National Park
(from one of the dive shops near the jetty in Semporna)


Peninsular Malaysia – Redang



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