Tarutao National Park, Thailand

Tarutao Marine National Park is a large nature conservation area in South West Thailand.


The park has five large islands and numerous smaller ones.

Detailed information about the snorkelling on each island is given in these pages:

Ko Tarutao, Ko Lipe, Ko Adang, Lipe environs, Ko Rawi

This page is to give summary information about the entire park.

For now, it mainly contains whole-park maps, but later on, I may add some information on History, Geology and Stuff.


All images on this site are clickable for bigger versions

This is the big-daddy map. I slavishly copied it from one painted on a wall inside the main Park office on Koh Tarutao.  If you click-to-expand it, then zoom-in enough, you can see probably the most comprehensive list of names of places around the park.

That said, it is pretty old and there are some differences between it and newer maps.  In case you are looking in detail, notable differences I have found are:

1 “Also known as”:
Near Ko Adang:
Some maps call Ko Bitsi – “Ko Lek”;
Ko Bura is more often called “Ko Hin Ngam Noi” (เกาะหินงามหน่อย);
Ko Kata is more often called “Ko Yang” (เกาะยาง);

Near Ko Dong:
Ko Dong itself is sometimes called “Ko Batorng/Butang” (เกาะบาตอง/บูตัง);
Ko Raba is usually called “Ko Peung” (เกาะผึ้ง)
One map calls Ko Sarang – “Ko Chamuang” (เกาะชามวง)
I remain confused about Ko So Mong (ซวมวง) and Ko Sa Mong (ซามวง). It might be a legibility issue.

Near Ko Lipe:
Ko Tarang is also known as “Ko Talang”  and “Ko Talak”;
Ko Kla is usually known as “Ko Kra”
Ko Bung Kang is also known as “Hin Khao” (หินขาว)

2 “Too many/too few” islands:
Near Ko Adang:
The un-named small islands south of Ko Bitsi, may be called Ko Sai (to the West) and Ko Talu (to the South-East)

Near Ko Dong:
The island immediately to the East of Ko Dong is un-named on the NP map and also on many other maps. On a few maps (including a Government nautical chart), it is labelled “Ko Lokoi”. The NP map puts Ko Lokoi further to the South. One other map calls this more Southerly island “Ko Ling Kao”.
Ko Hin Sorn (เกาะหินซ้อน) seems to be immediately to the West of Ko Sa Mong, but it is not mentioned on the NP map;

Near Ko Lipe:
There is a Ko Usen close to the South end of the East coast of Ko Lipe


Here is the official bill-board version of the National Park and most of its major attractions.


Here is a fun topological one from the National Park Headquarters in Ko Tarutao


and the migration path of the Urak Lawoi – the original settlers – from Indonesia (picture from the school wall at Ko Lipe)

Other maps: 1 2 3

There are more, zoomed-in maps on the detailed island pages.

That’s all for now – here are a couple of interesting links:

1 Wikipedia

2 Some history from a Ko Lipe travel agent

3 UNESCO history of the Urak Lawoi people  (110 page pdf, 13MB)


Written: Feb 2014    .     Last Updated: Feb 2014


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